Airtel launches 4G LTE services in Bengaluru

Airtel has launched their 4G LTE services in Bengaluru followed by the launch in Kolkata last month. They appointed Huawei to mange their network in Karnataka. As an introductory offer customers subscribing to 4G services will now be given a cash-back for the CPE / dongle that are priced at Rs. 7,750 and Rs. 7,999 respectively. Airtel 4G is now also available in an all new break free ultimate plan that offers 30GB free usage and is priced at Rs. 2999. They have also introduced Smartbytes so that customers can buy these add on packs and continue enjoying the 4G experience even after exhausting their monthly data limits on their plan.

Airtel 4G LTE Plans

Name of the Bill Plan break free break free max break free ultra break free ultimate
rental (in Rs) 999 1399 1999 2999
free usage (in GB) 6 9 18 30
charges after free usage Nill Nill Nil Nil
speed post free usage 128 Kbps 128 Kbps 128 Kbps 128 Kbps
Cashback offer 167 466 333 667
Cashback period 6 months 6 months 24 months 12 months
Description of cash back 1 month rental over 6 months 2 months rental over 6 months Discount of Rs 7999 over 24 months Discount of Rs 7999 over 12 months

Airtel 4G Smartbytes

Plan name Price
(in Rs)
Free usage
Charge after quota
3 GB 600 3 GB Nil
5 GB 875 5 GB Nil
10 GB 1500 10 GB Nil


Top features in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

1. Android Beam
This feature makes use of near field communications (NFC) technology to allow users to share information more conveniently. You simply need to tap two compatible devices together and items such as links, contacts and map location will be transferred. You can also share apps, though this doesn’t mean a complete transfer of the application. What happens is that the person receiving the information will be directed to Android Market where he/she can download the app from there.

2. Improved camera app and editing
The camera application in Android 4.0 has been overhauled, adding many new features. The Galaxy Nexus boasts of having “zero shutter lag”, which means the user can take photos continuously, with less risk of missing a shot.

A panorama shot feature has also been added, so you need only to pan the handset across a scene and the phone will stitch together a panoramic shot.

Photo-editing features have also been added so basic tweaks like crop, rotate and sharpen can be easily done. In addition, there are also filters so creative effects can be added. Some manufacturers (HTC, in its Sense UI, for example) have previously added these features in their custom camera apps, but having them native in Android will definitely be welcomed by users.

3. Face unlock
Similar to what you find on some notebooks, you can now use the front-facing camera to unlock the phone. The device will use face recognition to see if it’s really a registered user trying to get access–an alternative to keying in a passcode. It’s nice to have, but we doubt it will make the phone more secure than it already is. The demonstration of this feature didn’t go that well during the Samsung-Google event, but we’ll be sure to try it out when we get the Galaxy Nexus.

4. Voice typing
Android has had voice-recognition capabilities for some time now, allowing you to search by talking to the phone. This feature is now expanded so you can type by talking. If this works well, it will be a boon for those who have their hands full and need to send an email or text message urgently. We are a little concerned that Asian accents may be hard for the OS to recognize, but that’s something we’ll find out later after trying it

5. People app
Contacts have been improved with the People app, which integrates contact details with social networks in a new interface. The first thing you’ll see is the “Me” profile which lets you add your own details, right at the top of the list. Once you key in your own credentials, relevant details from services such as Facebook and Google+ will appear for all your friends.

6.Screenshot function:

Here you can press the power button and volume key to take screen shots. You can view, edit and share the screen shots in Gallery.

7.Browser: Ice cream sandwich offers 16 active tab that can be opened at the same time and swipe left/right to close them. You get a direct support for web browsing.

8.Camera and share: Quickly slide to the left in the main screen to enter the camera, take pictures with an option to Picasa or other online photo sharing sites to share. Camera supports panorama mode, smile detection, tap focus, Zero-delay camera. For photo gallery the phone has built-in redesigned album layout and improved Picture Gallery widget. In addition to this Android4.0 camera has real-time face recognition, and select the focus point fingers.