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Slimmest Laptop..!!!!


Top 10 slimmest laptops…

  • Dell Latitude E4200

The Dell Latitude E4200 is 0.8 inches thick and allows the user to travel in style. The finish of these laptops is long-lasting and the material used is of the best quality. While this may not be the slimmest laptop ever launched, it is definitely among the best.

  • Lenovo Thinkpad X301

This thinkpad is 0.83 inches thick and consists of such features that leave no room for complaints. It has been designed in such a way that it uses the least possible amount of electricity- making it both effective and efficient.

  • It costs about 2600 dollars
  •  Lenovo IdeaPad U110.

The Lenovo IdeaPad U110 weighs about 1.05 kilograms and is 0.72 inches thick. While most compact notebooks are definitely reliable, they are not visually appealing. However, this ultra-thin laptop is both easy on the eyes and extremely durable.

  • The price  has been estimated at 1,899 dollars.
  • Dell Latitude E4300


The Dell Latitude is 0.7 inches thick, making it the slimmest model in the Latitude series. While it may not be the slimmest in the world, it is of the highest quality and is extremely attractive. The build is solid and durable.

  • Samsung X360

The Samsung X360 is about 0.66 inches thick and is extremely lightweight. Samsung marketed this laptop with the help of a catchphrase that described the laptop to be lighter than air. It weighs about 1.27 kilograms and is extremely durable due to the nano technology which keeps bacteria at bay.

  •  Toshiba Portege R500

The Toshiba Portege R500 was awarded a status which made it the most economically conscious machine in the world. It weighs about 1.72 pounds and is about 1 inch thick and while it may not fulfill its claim to be the slimmest, it is definitely easy to carry around and will fit into a purse with great ease.

  •  Actius MM10 Muramasas

This laptop was introduced by Sharp Corporation in 2003. With a thickness of 0.54 inches, it was said to be the slimmest of its kind until the Apple MacBook Air was released 5 years later.

  •   Apple Macbook Air

Apple Macbook Air is designed by the world renowned company Apple and is a part of the MacBook family. This ultra-thin laptop was introduced in January 2008 and has undergone changes ever since. Steve Jobs said that the MacBook Air was undeniably the slimmest laptop in the world.

  •  Dell Adamo

As is mentioned above, the Adamo by Dell was launched after the MacBook Air claimed to be the slimmest. It was released in 2009 and is a slim and extremely portable subnotebook, with a design which focuses on mobility. The Dell Adamo definitely competes with the Size Zero range in terms of slimness today.

  •  Size Zero by Sony Vaio

These Size Zero laptops are being marketed in India by the stunning Kareena Kapoor- Bollywood’s size zero actress. This laptop weighs about 655 grams and is 0.5 inches thick.

  •   priced at Rs.65000 and Rs 85,000 respectively.

This ultra thin laptop is definitely the slimmest laptop available today.



Apple has   launched its latest fourth generation iPod touch as Apple iPod Touch 4G. This latest Apple iPod Touch 4G is having many improved features. This latest iPod Touch is having free Facetime video charts, so that you can chit chat with your friends with this iPod.

Apple iPod Touch 4G is light weight too, it is lighter and thinner than previous versions. This latest iPod is having both front and back-facing cameras, which allows you to record 720p HD video. This iPod is having best gaming facilities, the new iPod Touch 4G supports Apple’s news Game Center.

There is also news that this iPod Touch 4G does not have a 3G connectivity and poor camera are some of the draw backs. iPod Touch 4G will be available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models. The 8GB model costs for £189, 16GB is available for £249 and 64GB is having the price tag of £329.00.



The official names are according to their screen sizes: Xyboard 8.2, and Xyboard 10.1. Both run Android 3.2 Honeycomb, and feature dual-core 1.2GHz processors, 1GB of RAM, Gorilla Glass displays, Wi-Fi, two cameras (5MP on the back, 1.3MP on the front), and a Dijit app that allows them to “double as a universal remote control with an electronic programming guide for TVs, Blu-ray Disc players, digital video records, and most other consumer electronics.”








price :

Droid Xyboard 10.1: 16GB – $529.99, 32GB – $629.99, 64GB – $729.99
Droid Xyboard 8.2: 16GB – $429.99, 32GB – $529.99 (there will be no 64GB version for the Xyboard 8.2)


It’s all-amazing, for one and all. With the KODAK PLAYFULL Waterproof Video Camera, everyone can get 720p HD video in a small, affordable package. Pop it in a pocket or purse so it’s ready whenever you need it. And the PLAYFULL Waterproof Video Camera can get wet or take a tumble and still come back for more. When the fun is done, the Share button and pop-out USB arm make it seriously simple to e-mail videos directly to friends or upload to your favorite sharing sites[1]. It’s the everyday HD Small, sleek profile—big HD video Take 720p HD video just about anywhere and everywhere About the size of a credit card—lightweight and durable

The sleek design lets you slip it into any pocket or purse Built-in USB arm for easy sharing, in-camera charging, and easy transferring to computer Record up to 10 hours of HD video[2]with the expandable SD/SDHC card slot that can hold up to 32 GB Solid design stands up to everyday use

Waterproof Take the plunge up to 10 ft under water for up to 2 hours Don’t get the blues—underwater correction mode gives true-to-life colors in the pool or under the waves

Dustproof The muddiest, dustiest, sandiest conditions are no match for the PLAYFULL Waterproof’s rugged design. Drop-proof Bumps and bruises go with the territory—the PLAYFULL Waterproof can even take a fall from 5 ft. for more details click:http://store.kodak.com/store/ekconsus/en_US/pd/PLAYFULL_Waterproof__Video_Camera/productID.233417800

Eco printers !


Innovative “Eco printers”..

Eco Printer concept ,
This printer is designed to use special ink that is composed of photographic materials that disappear when exposed to UV radiation.
The Eco Printer is a revolutionary new concept printer that makes use of a special type of ink, which would allow a paper printed with this ink to be erased and reused. The most striking advantage of this printer is that it increases the lifecycle of a paper.



Pencil Printer
Pencil Printer saves on ink and paper.
Another eco friendly printer concept that is the Pencil Printer. The prints taken out of this printer, thus, can be erased and the paper can be reused. A commendable effort indeed to reduce and reuse the use of paper!..


Eco Printer Concept
It is created by designer Hoyoung Lee.
This is one of the most unusual concept printers that we have come across so far. This printer takes your efforts to save the forests and paper to the next level. Designed by Hoyoung Lee, the Eco Printer Concept prints as well as erases. It feeds on scrap pencil and eraser pieces. It extracts the “ink” from the pencil graphite and erasing material from the rubber in the eraser pieces. This radical new printer not only prints through one of its ends but has a special exit for erasing the same printed paper too. Way to go on environmental conservation!