Lenovo Yoga


Lenovo Yoga Gives Notebook, Tablet Concept

Lenovo Yoga

Lenovo unveiled its IdeaPad Yoga recently at CES, showing off a notebook with a 360 degree hinge designed to be used in a variety of ways in addition to the conventional laptop style.

The Lenovo Yoga,The Ultrabook, which will run on Windows 8, can be opened and folded back on itself to be used as a tablet or e-reader with touchscreen capabilities. It can also be propped up like a tent for a better video watching experience, for example, or used as a traditional laptop.
         Convertible tablets aren’t a new idea, but on the Yoga, the hinges are designed to be    sturdier than the swivels used in the past. When it’s flipped and used as a tablet, the keyboard deactivates, so it can be placed on a flat surface or used on the go without worrying about hitting a key. The palm rest has a leathery surface so it can rest firmly and easily while being used as a tablet, and the whole device has a rubbery coating for durability.
  • The device is .67 inches thick,
  • weighs 3.1 pounds
  • It has a 13.3 inch screen,
  • with a battery life of up to 8 hours.
  •  It will come with as much as 256 GB of SSD and
  • 8GB of RAM.

Lenovo pocket yoga

New Diesel bikes in India


Royal Enfield to launch Diesel bikes in India….

Royal Enfield, one of the biggest motorcycle maker of India is planning to launch diesel bikes in India by 2012. This will be a new addition to the range of its Bullet bikes. Royal Enfield is having talk with another motorcycle producer in India. Apart from this, Hero Group to start working on diesel motorcycle that is already in a certification testing at ARAI. We are expecting that the new 400 cc diesel bike will be available in India within next fiscal.

Royal Enfield India had launched two of their motorbikes called Royal Enfield Classic Bullet 350cc and Royal Enfield Classic Bullet 500 cc. It is expected that, these two models are going to get the diesel engine. The bike is expected to get a new shape and look after the diesel engine is attached. The Royal Enfield Classic Bullet 350cc and the Royal Enfield Classic Bullet 500 cc are in demand of high sale in India as well as all over the world. The colors of the bikes have not been yet declared but it is sure that the company will make their new bikes very attractive. The bikes mentioned above are very popular in India and having heavy engines. So Royal Enfield is going to get profit from the popularity of their bikes.

Royal Enfield is now focusing on increasing its base in the global market. The Royal Enfield Fury is one of the popular bikes of this company that has been re-launched probably to increase the popularity of it. On the other hand, Hero Company is now operating separately without their long time partner, Honda. Hero has also announced to launch their first 400 cc motorbike. Java is the first motorcycle producer in India that produced diesel motorcycles and got a huge feedback from the customers. It is because the diesel bikes have got huge power and low maintenance cost.

Though diesel bikes are not very common in India, it will be very popular within few years after some companies like Royal Enfield and Hero Group start producing these kinds of bikes. The diesel bikes are very long lasting and performs excellently. So the Indian bikers will take the offer of diesel bikes. Though it is thought that, the bikes may cost much; the price will be reduced as more companies will start making such diesel bike.